Special Tours

Costa Rica Old Fashioned Tour

Where: San Luis, Costa Rica
When: 12:30pm
Duration: Approx 6 hours

Come and learn about two different aspects of the Costa Rican Farm.

First we will drive you our neighbor town of San Luis for a one of a kind Coffee Tour, entirely rural and organic, this tour it’s not only about coffee but also sustainability. You will learn how we process coffee in the present time and how or grandparents did back in the day. And don’t worry you will taste the delightful coffee grown in San Luis.

After enjoying one of the best cups of coffee you have tasted we will be heading to a lovely farm to do one of the oldest activities the farmers still do: Milk the cows.

Have you ever thought about learning how to milk a cow? Or even try it yourself? Well this is your chance. But not only will you learn how they process the milk but also how they make their own cheese and different kinds of dairy products.

Milking the cows and producing the coffee it’s a little exhausting so we have for you one of the coolest experiences you will have. We will cook an amazing Costa Rican dinner that includes 2 beverages and a varied menu buffet style and if you’re lucky you will see an amazing sunset.

Bring: Camera, Comfortable Shoes and a Light Rain Jacket

  • $100 per person
  • $85 per Kids and students under the age of 18
  • Children under six years old are free of charge


*Additional information: Minimum 2 people. Your TBT guide’s equipment includes binoculars, laser pointers and telescope.